Low-Carbon Partnership Bonn-Chengdu – Expert trip to Chengdu


Low-Carbon Partnership Bonn-Chengdu – Expert trip to Chengdu

October 27, 2014

Low-Carbon Partnership Bonn-Chengdu – Expert trip to Chengdu_Pic
Introduction to the waste management system in Chengdu

A delegation from the city of Bonn has visited Chengdu from Monday, 27 October to Friday, 31 October 2014 to discuss further enhancement of the city cooperation. The overall objective of the expert visit in Chengdu was the evaluation and scoping of low-carbon development potential in the sub district Sansheng in Chengdu, and more specifically the analysis of the transferability and feasibility of the "Sustainable Bonn" approach in Chengdu. The concept of "Sustainable Bonn" was identified as one potential cooperation project within the low-carbon city partnership between Bonn and Chengdu.

The delegation headed by Lina Furch from City of Bonn, including experts from Stadtwerke Bonn, Tourismus & Congress GmbH, Arqum as well as E3G and Germanwatch, took part at several expert meetings in Chengdu. The delegation members spoke to representatives of the City and District Government as well as various representatives of SMEs and family-run businesses in Sansheng about environmental infrastructure and management in Chengdu/Sansheng focusing on energy, water and waste. 

Picture 1: Visit of the Nongyuan International Art Village in Sansheng District

Picture 2: Delegation visit at the Liujiahuayuan Hotel in Sansheng district

Picture 3: Introduction to the waste separation and recycling system in Jinshui Huaxiang Community